A Great Way to Enjoy your Steak!

Steak is such an easy meal – compared to other home-made dishes that you actually have to “cook” – but sometimes it’s just not enough. A great way to highlight your dinner (or lunch…. or breakfast? sure, what the heck!) is to fix a nice salad with it. In this case, it was spinach+feta cheese with cut-up onions and tomatoes, which we picked up at a local farmer’s market. The key is the dressing.

We all have a couple different kinds of dressing sitting in the refrigerator but when you want some nice “home-made” dressing, this is how. EVOO+any kind of vinegar+any mustard+salt+pepper+garlic. SUPER SIMPLE! You can start from there and play with what you have left in your pantry if you feel creative that night. Otherwise, it’s a lot healthier than the supermarket dressing that you have.

We used the red wine that had been sitting next to the Keuric machine for ages! Well-transformed and well-enjoyed!

Happy 4th of July! Grill up and get yourself a nice salad with fresh veggies and home-made dressing! Cheers!


4 comments on “A Great Way to Enjoy your Steak!

  1. Looks yummy! Question (might be a dumb one?) from a fire-loving fire-less South African: have you ever successfully cooked a steak in an old-fashioned pan?

  2. We did that in Korea (there was no oven!) and we’ve done it here too. Sirloin/flank steak may be doable but I won’t cook a hugh, thick ribeye steak on a pan obviously. HAHA. There are no secrets that I can think of. Put a little salt and pepper and LOTS OF garlic!! 🙂

  3. Thanks, I’ll give it a go! I’ve always been too scared to try, since the meat itself is quite expensive. I can only dream of an oven…

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