Food Lover’s Companion, my best friend!


We all have access to the Internet 24/7 thanks to our smart phones and computers but some things are not the same!
20121129-200504.jpgUnlike other dictionaries, this one gives you a lot more details on just food and ingredients not to mention definitions of words that are not English, which is very common in the “culinary” world 😉 When you google “date”, all you see is hot girls and guys 😉 All you want to know is what the heck you ate at the fancy dinner with your date!

Even if you are not a food lover, this dictionary will keep you company in the kitchen or at your dining table. If not, play a game with it like I do. Pick a number. The other person opens it and read one of the definitions and you are supposed to guess what it is! You can call me a nerd. I love this book!


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