Baseball game, it’s more than just a ball game!

I am a big baseball fan. I really enjoy sitting at the ball park and watching games itself. I don’t mind a 7 hour doubleheader when it’s 96 degrees outside. But without food, it wouldn’t be as fun! Today, we watched a Nats game at a suite! To be honest, ball park food ain’t the world’s best quality food but it’s the atmosphere and the people who you are with!






Hope everyone’s having a good Memorial Day weekend! ❤


Weekend in NY!

My weekend started on Thursday night with a delayed flight at BWI. And this weekend has been one of the biggest eating weekends EVER! Here’s a footage. 😉









I’m just amazed how a person can eat so much lol. Happy tummy, happy weekend!

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Quick stir fry

I just realized that I “cook” this quite often these days. It’s one of my favorite hodgepodge dishes and that’s just because it’s so easy to make!

Any leftover vegetables and/or any type of protein. Beef, pork, chicken, tofu or shrimp! I’ve tried all of them and they all turn out great.

On a pan, put some vegetable oil and cook garlic and onions so they get that nice color. Once they are cooked, dump everything in the pan. Depending on the meat/seafood, you might wanna put certain things a little later that the others. For example, beef or shrimp cooks pretty fast, while cabbages and peppers cook a little slower than that. Then you season what’s on the pan.

The key is the sauce. I don’t really like to use too much salt if possible. So these two things have become my BFF’s: oyster sauce & sriracha sauce! You can find sriracha sauce commonly in Thai restaurants or Vietnamese restaurants. This is easily found in any grocery store Now. THE SAUCE LITERALLY IS GOD’S GIFT! It can be used as a dipping sauce or it can add a nice spicy kick to your boring dish. Everything tastes better with sriracha. You can make an exotic aioli with it as well.

When you are too lazy to cook anything fancy and you have a lot of leftover veggies – zucchini, onions, cabbages, peppers, string beans or any sort – chop them up and treat yourself and your beloved ones!

Weekend is here and the weather is beautiful! Happy feast!