Red Fox Inn – Middleburg, VA

We were looking for something less hectic for this Christmas and remembered the town called Middleburg, which was on the way to the pumpkin patch on 50. Red Fox Inn caught our eyes and the brunch this morning was pretty successful!






First thing we got?! Who doesn’t want eggnog with extra booze, right? 😉 Then we had Boston Bibb salad with roasted beets, peanut soup, steak and fries, crabcake platter with root veggies and goat cheese grits, bread pudding and chocolate mousse! My favorite part was the desserts 🙂 The food itself didn’t really “wow” me to be completely honest but the atmosphere and their great service made our dining experience very satisfying!

I would definitely go out there again and spend a night. It looked like a really good day trip destination. The downtown area had quite a few restaurants and lots of shops. Within 5-10 miles, there are several vineyards and farms as well. It should take about an hour to get there from DC.

My Christmas Eve has been delightful so I hope you have a wonderful one too! Merry Christmas!

[Restaurant Review] Boqueria – Washington D. C.

▣ Location:1837 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036

▣ Tel: 202-558-9545

▣ Tapas, Spanish

▣ Yelp Rating: ★★★★☆ (as of August 4, 2012) – Click stars for more info!


This Spanish tapas place with a very modern look, Boqueria, offers quite good brunch options. To me, it looked like a perfect place to take the girl you like out for a nice brunch date: very nice but not too fancy to scare her away. 😉 Or “girls only” brunch sounds really good  as well.

While I was waiting for my friend to show up (I went there even before they opened but they were very nice and hospitable!), I had some of their rose wine with tequila. VERY DELISH! They do have a lot of drink options that are apparently really good according to online reviews. Only if I was much of a drinker!! Also, their dinner menu look really fun. However, we decided to stick to typical brunch dishes.

That’s right! Huevos Benedictos! I normally don’t get eggs benedict because, sad to say, some restaurants totally don’t know what they are doing with the Hollandaise sauce. Making Hollandaise sauce is like rocket science! But the chef at Boqueria does a really good job! The eggs are poached perfectly, the Hollandaise sauce is well-seasoned, and the smoked Scottish salmon that we got we it had a really nice flavor. It was served with french fries, which had a nice kick to them (I love spicy food!), and a house salad toss with light vinaigrette. It was quite a complete meal with their house-made lemonade!

I wish I could have tried all the 10 brunch dishes on the menu! Or some of their tapas dishes offered at lunch! Or the famous churros! I think I will definitely go back for some more food here.

If you are near Dupont Circle in D.C. or want to have a fun, nice brunch with your friends or partner, check out this place. You will get treated very well with their excellent service as well as their scrumptious food!